Len's Music Pages

Please read this before you continue

Unless I have stated otherwise this site only contains my own interpretations and arrangements of music. On occasion, like most guitar players, I have taken great liberties with the tunes and as a result some of them are not as they were originally written.

The files are not in the public domain, you may download for your own personal use but you may not reproduce them in any manner way or form.

There are TablEdit versions of all the tunes and in some cases there are also  Desktop Guitarist versions, (you can obtain demos of these programs at their websites), I have also supplied all of the tunes in MIDI and Tabalature formats. There are also zip files to enable you to download all of the files on a particular page.

You can either save the tabalture pages and then view them in your browser or cut and paste the tablature into your favourite word-processor/ text editor, I find that notepad which comes with Windows is pretty good for this. Or you may download the free TablEdit Viewer and Printer from here.

Enjoy your visit, any feedback will be welcome. 

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