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Blues in A - Very short and sweet. It's one of those tunes that I am always intending to extend but never seem to get round to it.  It's obviously played in A. MIDI - Tablature -TablEdit
Blues in D - This is the chord progression used in many blues such as 'Trouble In Mind' and 'Key To The Highway', You will find it over and over again when listing to blues tunes.  I have included three variations.  It's obviously played played in D. MIDI - Tablature -TablEdit
C C Rider - This is an old blues that I have known a very long time. There must be hundreds of versions of this but I don't know who wrote the original. Please let me know if you know who wrote it. It's played in C. MIDI - Tablature -TablEdit
Cocaine - This is a song by Rev. Gary Davis but this version is very different from the original. I seem to have known this song forever. It's played in C. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
Spoonful - This is a very famous blues which was written by Willie Dixon. It has been recorded by lots of bands and singers. This version is in E. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
St. James Infirmary - This is an old blues type song which I have known for ages. It's played  in A minor but what you hear is in B minor as  I use  a capo at the second fret when playing this  MIDI - Tablature  - TablEdit
St. Louis Blues - This is my version of the famous blues by W. C. Handy. It's three blues wrapped up in one song. It's played in C but the first chord is C minor.  Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature  - TablEdit
Sweet Home Chicago - I believe that this was written by Robert Johnson. It's played in E with the Capo at the second fret so what you hear is in F#. MIDI - TablEdit - Tablature

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