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Mixed Bag

Gentle On My Mind - This is my guitar accompaniment to this song which was written by John Hartford. Its a tricky bit of guitar playing and I think it makes a nice piece on it's own. It's played in C. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
Holy Roller/Jesus on the Main Line - I once saw Country Joe Macdonald sing Holy Roller on TV and the chorus stuck in my head, I never got round to buying an album with it on and never heard it again so the tune could be a bit out. I heard Jesus on the Main Line on a Ry Cooder album. I don't know who wrote either of these songs please let me know if you know the composers. Both songs are played in C. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
House Of The Rising Sun - I believe that this is a traditional folk song. This arrangement is different to those that you normally here. It's played in E minor. TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature
In The Mood - This is my attempt at the tune that was made famous by the Glen Miller orchestra, I believe that it was written by Joseph C Garland. It's played in E. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
Mercedes Benz- This is a song by Janis Joplin that is now being used in the TV advert. Its played in G. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
Strolling Down The Highway - One of Bert Janch's most famous pieces. This is not as played by bert but it will allow you to get through it. It's played in D. This is achieved by placing the Capo at the 5th fret and using chord shapes associated with the key of A. TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature
The Lady Is A Tramp - An all time classic from Rodgers and Hart, I don't think that they would forgive me for this version which is played in G. TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature
Washbash Cannonball - A traditional American folksong which is played in D with dropped D tuning. TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature
What You Gonna Do - I don't know who wrote this or even if this is the correct title. This song came about while I was trying to learn 'Death Comes Creepin' but I thought that this sounded better. It's played in D using dropped D tuning. Desktop Guitarist - TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature

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