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Alice's Truck - This piece came about by trying to learn a song called 'Keep on trucking Mama' by Donovan. After I had figured out the chords and slowed it down I realised that it was similar to Alice's restaurant by Arlo Guthrie. Hence the title. It's played in D. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
I'm Fixin' To Die Rag - This is based around the chord progression used in the anti-Vietnam war song by Country Joe Macdonald that was featured in the film "Woodstock". One day I will work it all out properly. It's played in D. TablEdit - MIDI - Tablature
Keep Your Hands Off Her - This is a song by Leadbelly. This is great fun to play as it allows plenty of room to improvise. It is played in C. Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
She's No Good - This is a Jessie Fuller song, I've never heard the original version I learnt the tune from the first Bob Dylan album. It's played in C.  Desktop Guitarist - MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit
Three Hit Rag - This is an original piece that uses a similar chord progression to Alice's Truck but is played at a different pace. It's very short but fun to play. It's played in G.  MIDI - Tablature - TablEdit

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